Creating Dashboards

Creating Dashboards

Now that the charts are built in 'Analyze' module, let us build our first dashboard with a few clicks (again!!).
Please click on 'Dashboard', name and 'create' it.

Next click must be on 'Edit'. On prompting, please name your first tab.

Clicking on the middle of the tab will activate the task-bar.

Divide the tab into columns and rows using 'Panel'.

You will be prompted to add Chart, Text Area or image, on clicking the black button in each panel (in above image).

Add Chart from 'Analyze'

Or add Text

Or an image

Don't need a panel? Please'delete' it!
To add 'Filters', please click on 'New Filter', the variable and 'Select' it.

The first tab is built and looks almost like this:

To add more tabs, please click on Tabs, 'New Tab' and repeat the above process.
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